Sunday, June 13, 2010

How To Paint Wooden Beads

How To Paint Wooden Beads

This is my little tutorial on how to paint wooden beads.

First of all, start out with a scrap piece of wood.
Drill holes in it about 1/2 inch big,about 3 quarters
of the way through.
Then paint the drilled wood to protect it.

While it is drying, go the the dollar store and pick up a
package of wooden beads.
These beads have a print on them already,
but a lot of them are blurred so I will show you how
to cover that up and prepare the bead for painting.

Go to the store and pick up some non-toxic acrylic paint,
non-toxic acrylic gloss sealer, #2 wood screws that are
1 1/2 inches long,#000 paint brush, small paint brush,
and small bottle of Gesso.
Gesso is a primer for painting things sold in the art department.
All of this stuff you can get at Wal-Mart.

Ok, so now you're home again.
Get comfy, it'll take you a while to make these beads.
I do my painting outside at an old plastic table in the shade.

Next step
Screw the wood beads onto the tip of the screws. Place the head of the screw into the holes in the wood so they stand up while drying the paint.

Coat the beads with Gesso.I usually do 2-3 coats so colours don't bleed through. Don't forget to turn the bead over and screw it back on to paint the second coat so the entire bead is coated.

Next Step
When the beads are dry, begin painting them with your acrylic paint.
Two coats, let dry a few minutes between coats.
Reversing the bead on the screw to get entire bead painted.
If you are artistically talented you can paint a design on the beads with a very fine #000 artists paintbrush.

Next Step
When that is dry, coat the beads with a gloss sealer.


Painted beads all ready to be made into macrame jewelry or stretch bracelets.